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10 tips to find the best turquoise inlay in the world

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Where to find best turquoise inlay in the world? What is the best brand of turquoise inlay What are the best turquoise inlay?

Turquoise is one of the handicrafts and is made by placing small pieces of turquoise stone in a mosaic on the surface of dishes, jewelry and decorative objects (from bases to copper, brass, silver, Warsaw or bronze). A kind of dark varnish is placed between the pieces of turquoise. In the following, we will explain how to do turquoise inlay.

10 tips to find the best turquoise inlay in the world

Where to find best turquoise inlay in the world?

  Where to find best turquoise inlay in the world? These days, turquoise is seen more than anywhere else in Isfahan and it is used to decorate various objects such as: paintings, trays, turquoise candy, jewelry, rose sprinklers, etc.

The first step that turquoise artists need to do is to get the raw material they need, which is turquoise. The crumbs used in turquoise are made from turquoise resources in Neishabour, Damghan and Mashhad, and since these crumbs are associated with a small amount of waste, the rocks that can be used for soil and other waste must be separated. In the next stage, the stones are classified according to size and Isfahan turquoise is called granulation.

What is the best brand of turquoise inlay

 What is the best brand of turquoise inlay If you’ve done a little research on tips turquoise inlay crafts, you know that the art of turquoise and the use of this beautiful stone on copper metal is 70 years old. Turquoise on copper first appeared in Khorasan province and then reached other cities, especially Isfahan, by artists of this technique. Today, the best and highest quality turquoise products are made in Isfahan.

Turquoise artists produce and teach this art in a turquoise workshop. In the corners of Isfahan Bazaar and even in the suburbs, there are many turquoise workshops whose products are marketed and presented to art-loving people around the world. Among these workshops, and even those who practice turquoise at home, there are a variety of people with different skills.

We now turn to the answer to the question that many of you may be looking for in your mind. Turquoise art is made using expensive raw materials such as turquoise stone and copper metal. The best and best turquoise is obtained from Neishabour mines, which is more expensive than other turquoises. Reputable turquoise brands use high quality turquoise stones in their creations. While many manufacturers use lower quality turquoises to make their products cheaper. Therefore, the main guide turquoise inlay for buying turquoise pottery from reputable turquoise brands is to use high quality turquoise stone in their artistic creations.

The copper metal used in turquoise utensils must have the required thickness and sufficient uniformity in these products. Also, the copper metal must have the required quality that will not be damaged during the turquoise process.

Another reason is the valid warranty and certification of the products of the reputable turquoise brands of Isfahan. When you buy your product from reputable turquoise sellers, if there are any problems in these containers, you can refer to them and fix the problem.

What are the best turquoise inlay?

 What are the best turquoise inlay? First, the stone used is considered. Neishabour stone is much better, but today Kerman stone is also used, which is not of the required quality, it may be equal in color when it is made, but it will fade over time. The second step is to follow it. Unfortunately, in some workshops, some steps are taken to make the production process faster. For example, when a subwoofer works, the original stone is actually identified and may be damaged, so they must remove the damaged stone, which is time consuming, but some paint it instead of replacing the stone, and when Polyester came on it, at first it is not clear what color it is. The only real guarantee is that the seller will allow you to shave some polyester and determine the color.

The smaller the distance between the turquoise stones and the more neatly arranged the pieces, the more valuable the work.
The size of the container, the amount of copper and turquoise used, affect the price of the turquoise pot. The greater the color variation of turquoise, the better the dish, because turquoise has a range of colors from green to blue, and they are all different in color, while all counterfeit products have the same color.

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