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Copper Turquoise is normal Turquoise that has been crumbled and reformed to add copper to it, in order to create the beautiful effect of the stone. Individuals who will wear it will get the benefit of both copper as well as turquoise. Copper turquoise filled with copper deposits forms wonderful patterns of brown and black matrix.

The beauty of copper turquoise is hard to match, in a real sense it is a captivating stone. Traditionally, it has been used in religious rituals and religion, in art and artifacts, in trade and treaty negotiations and certainly as treasured jewelry to many kingdoms and peoples. Copper Turquoise has always been considered a stone of life and beauty which brings good fortune in addition. All of which represent the ancient and original Iranian culture.

Pottery Dishes :

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Samina Handicrafts Company, with the help of experienced artists and experts, aims to play a role in the field of trade and export of handicraft products, especially inlaid copper and pottery industry. Samina is a company specialized in the export of handicrafts, which has focused on copper and enamel pottery and has offered its products with the best quality and the most beautiful artistic creation to the world. These products include turquoise, copper, inlaid copper and processed copper, which are created with the best raw materials and by the most experienced artists, and are being sent to international markets with a written warranty and appropriate packaging. The Company gives its customers the beauty and pleasure of shopping with the most advanced global standards in offering their products to the world’s handicraft markets.


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