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Copper turquoise ring wholesale price in 2020

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How copper turquoise ring is made?Knowing copper turquoise ring wholesale prices in 2020

Wholesale Price of Copper Turquoise Ring After briefly getting acquainted with the art of turquoise, we will now talk about the price of turquoise in this section. The first important factor that can directly affect the price of these products is the price of turquoise stones. As you know,copper turquoise ring wholesale، turquoise is one of the precious stones in Iran, which in addition to its healing properties, offers eye-catching beauty. Due to the fact that turquoise stone is obtained from different sources, when this stone is used on turquoise art products, its price will be different.

Copper turquoise ring wholesale price in 2020

How copper turquoise ring is made?

How copper turquoise ring is made? Turquoise is one of the most beautiful stones in the world that has always been considered by humans. The attractive and blue color of this stone is due to the presence of copper element in it. It is interesting to know that this stone is found in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, USA and Iran, but the best and most quality type of this stone belongs to Iran, which is extracted from the oldest and largest turquoise mine in the world, which is located in Neishabour.

This beautiful stone can be seen in some of the stone facades of old mosques. It is also used in jewelry making, making jewelry as a ring, bracelet, etc., and it goes without saying that Isfahani artists have not been deprived of this stone and its beauties. And they have created beautiful works on copper with this stone, which is known as turquoise. Since Pernoon online store is proud to offer turquoise carving products with Neishabour turquoise stone along with a ten-year warranty, so in this article we have tried to present this original Iranian art which is specific to the city of Isfahan and in this city.

Introduced to introduce you to art friends.Types of turquoise stones in turquoise carving.In the classification of turquoise in terms of quality and color, this stone is divided into two types of gypsum turquoise – white and stone turquoise – blue,purple copper turquoise ring، green. Blue and green turquoises are divided into two categories: medium and high quality.

The most commonly used type of turquoise is stone-blue and green turquoises. In fact, the turquoise used in turquoise work must be able to withstand high heat and pressure, because during operations that involve high pressure and heat stages, turquoise by The lacquer is glued to the copper object.
Steps of turquoise carving.Turquoise carving work consists of several stages, which are discussed in the following steps.

    Manufacture and payment of copper object:
At this stage, after designing the desired object by turquoise, the construction order is given to the coppersmith. After making the desired object, the object is handed over to the bender to perform the goldsmithing and bending steps, in which at this stage The depressions, known as bends, are created to provide a base or base for mounting turquoise on the object.
    Paste the turquoise on the desired object:
Turquoise artist sticks small pieces of turquoise that have been washed with great difficulty and separated by a sieve with unparalleled artistry and delicacy by varnish (a kind of glue) and high heat on the desired object and presses them on the varnish. It strengthens.

Knowing copper turquoise ring wholesale prices in 2020

Knowing copper turquoise ring wholesale prices in 2020 If high quality Iranian turquoise stones with relatively expensive prices are used for turquoise products, the final price of the product will be higher. For lower quality turquoise stones or some imported stones, the price of turquoise will eventually be lower. Another factor that affects the price of turquoise is the size of the final product. As you know, the larger the dimensions of a product or the wider the desired surface, the more stones and raw materials are consumed; As a result, the final price for the art of carving turquoise will be higher; For example, green copper turquoise ring، a nut with a height of 13 cm is cheaper than its price with a height of 20 cm. This also applies to a variety of plates and vases, cups and mirrors or clocks or any other product.
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The next factor that affects the price of turquoise is the brand that makes these valuable handicrafts. Given that there are extensive production workshops in Iran and offer a variety of turquoise artwork, the issue of branding is effective in the final price of products. Maybe in a store, you buy a turquoise product at a moderate price, but the same product in a reputable brand is much more expensive. We suggest that before you buy any of these products, you should carefully examine the turquoise art products of Isfahan Handicrafts website. These crafts are ideal for decorating the home or as a gift.

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