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What are the different meenakari products?Most expensive meenakari items on the market Luxurious meenakari decorative plates for sale Art of Coloring Metal Surfaces in Iran Handicraft meenakari items on sale Specifications of handmade meenakari items Live broadcast agency for enamelwares

 Nowadays this art is mostly done on copper but it can be done on gold, silver, pottery as well. Gold is the only metal that does not oxidize when the enamel melts, so it allows for a more detailed and similar design to be done on the enamel, while silver and silver mina kari do not have this quality. Enamel work on gold Sabine Art is a resident of Ahwaz and is known as Saby Gold.minakari for sale is also widely available.

Day Price of Guaranteed Quality Iranian Meenakari Items

What are the different meenakari products?

What are the different meenakari products?

Different types of mina kari

Are achieved with special strategies on steel. Because of the type of pots, unique design is required for every of them. With the proper schooling you could design and bring all forms of pots and pots. There are numerous professors inside the discipline, each of whom has introduced a success students to the Iranian art network. Having more statistics approximately enamel packing containers will assist you to buy enamel products. Personal and country-owned groups and corporations have welcomed the purchase of Iranian handicrafts due to their lifestyle-making and presentation. If you are interested in knowing the varieties of potters, join us in this newsletter.

mina kari types 

Enamel artwork dates lower back to 1500 BC, the oldest tooth work located inside the world indicates that teeth, like many different arts, was first found in Iran and made its manner to Iran from different international locations. An instance of this art stays to be located is the gold strap adorned with teeth from the Achaemenid era, that’s presently held on the Victoria Albert Museum in London. The teeth is divided into two businesses of housing and carving. Within the following you becomes extra familiar with those two classes.

Housing mina kari

This artwork is an ancient approach referred to as (wired teeth) and used very skinny wires. They get rid of the wires the manner they want and glue them on a bit of labor and cowl them with a glass glaze. Then positioned it in a furnace at about 1000 temperatures and the wires are welded to the workpiece. The next step is to use powder-specific paints at the work surface. Once the work surface has been leveled, it’s far immersed inside the furnace at a temperature of approximately 1,000 stages for three mins. Come again early. Usually utilized in Isfahan and Tehran, this artwork is the best enamel workshops presently in existence inside the research of the Cultural history Code. The price of different varieties of tooth in Esfahan is predicted primarily based on the time and the art achieved on the box.

mina kari Painting 

This technique is typically utilized in Isfahan. As the teeth stains are made on a transparent teeth, so the enamel is glazed white, then the grasp or quilt grasp. This step is typically executed 3 or 4 instances and every time positioned in an oven at seven hundred ° C to ensure glaze colour. Then they draw on the painting and once more the item will visit the furnace to cook at approximately four hundred to 500 degrees and the colours may be custom designed.

Enamel makers produce a variety of works, some of which are most common: 

  • Plates 
  •  enamel boards mixed with other arts such as khatam kari ،meenakari jewllery 
  • doors, windows

Use in decorative objects: tea service, Quran box, armor, mirror, belt, bubble pots, photo album, dagger sheath.
Use in ornaments: fine breasts, necklaces, rings, etc.

Most expensive meenakari items on the market

The cost of mina kari  is exclusive depending at the excellent of the paintings. Several elements can determine the rate of those dishes.

The first factor in figuring out the sort of infrastructure used in the manufacturing of those packing containers. All mina kari  are product of copper. However the better the pleasant of the infrastructure, the higher the overall performance and the higher the fee. High exceptional copper sheeting with suitable thickness, complex durability and skillful bins are a number of the highlights at this stage. 


The second one element in determining the  cost of mina kari   dishes is the usage of suitable colours for glazing and painting these dishes. The higher the nice of the colours used, the better the gloss and transparency of the paintings and, therefore, the better the nice of the paint, in order to have an effect on the final fee of the paintings.

The 0.33 aspect this is crucial to the value of mina kari  is the ability level of the painter. The more the talent of the painter and the more particular, finer and more various the artwork are, the higher the fee of the paintings.

Different determinants of price in pug manufacturing boxes Set packing containers which can be painted and painted in a better rate than non-set containers.

The fee of mina kari dishes in Isfahan, the fee of mina kari dishes in Tehran or the charge of mina kari dishes in Hamadan aren’t much special and raw substances and first-rate of work are greater influential in fee. You must visit reputable income facilities for selling glassware for your metropolis to shop for glassware such as uncooked glassware, copper glassware, pottery glassware and more.

Luxurious meenakari decorative plates for sale

Luxurious meenakari decorative plates for sale

Mina kari is one of the Iranian handicrafts which can be made of metals consisting of gold, silver, copper, rice, iron, Warsaw. The colors utilized in enamel containers are steel oxides which are mixed with chemical substances and cooked inside the furnace.

What are the best decorative mina kari dishes?

The forms of colours used in this art are mainly vegetable colors used in chit-making, mineral colorings utilized in painting, and steel hues applied to items. Isfahan is one of the maximum critical cities within the area of bins. The artwork of minakari is going back greater than five thousand years and mina kari dishes fall into the class of Iranian handicrafts. In this text, we are able to discuss the traits of excessive exceptional kina dishes. Stay with us.

Featured high quality decorative mina kari dishes 

The shape of these boxes shall be uniform and one-hand, and shall now not comprise any excessive waste.On the underlying surface of these bins, there should be no cracking and no sharpening. There need to be no green on the edges of the infrastructure. The teeth glaze should be cracking, flaking, bubbling and difficult. The attention of the enamel glaze ought to be uniformly disbursed all through its components.The floor of the mina kari dishes have to be brilliant and vibrant. The translucency and gloss of the enamel bins suggest the usage of excessive high-quality paint and the mind to cook in the oven. To discover this by way of knocking over enameled dishes in case you experience a experience of roughness, the dish is probably now not of the best pleasant.

One of the crucial things to make those dishes extra stunning is that the colours used inside the base of those dishes are uniformly at the surface and the decorations and colors used at the borders of the exclusive designs of these dishes are completely separate and Do no longer merge. The designs and roles utilized in tooth packing containers must keep their Iranian authenticity, and the designs and brushes have to be accomplished with finesse and precision. The floor in the back of the mina kari packing containers need to be of excessive great, with out cracking. In case you see cracks in the coloration of these dishes, it is able to indicate that the dish is burned within the system of cooking within the oven. An authentic and excessive fine mina kari dish ought to have the artist’s call, date and place of engraving engraved on

Art of Coloring Metal Surfaces in Iran

In Iran, painting on metallic surfaces, or mina kari, has a protracted records. This industry is often accomplished in Isfahan and Tehran. Portray at the fine artistic copper surfaces is accomplished via professional masters in Iran.

Referred to as the artwork of mina kari or coloring, hearth miniatures and steel and tile ornament with teeth glaze. Mina kari or portray is the art of portray and ornamenting the surface of the metallic, which is embellished with the aid of sparkling colorings. Mina is a female form of Mino in Farsi because of this paradise. Mina refers to the azure colour of heaven. Iranian craftsmen from the Sassanid era invented this art and unfold it to India and different Mongols. French traveler Jean Chardine, who traveled to Iran during the Safavid era, pointed to the work of Isfahan’s Mina, which includes a sample of birds and animals in a history of blue, inexperienced, and yellow vegetation.

First-class silver is utilized in almost all tooth, because the tooth melts and becomes a pure metallic. Without a doubt positioned, enamel is the process of creating metallic fashions (typically beautiful silver) and then merging unique hues and types of glass to create a beautiful art.

The art work or patterns used for teeth paintings in Iran are designed in step with the artist’s desires and preferences. In Iran, copper and silver are used for the manufacture of teeth. Unique tools also are considered in this historical artwork undertaking, which include grills, pliers, stamps, brushes, and more. Tooth is generally used to beautify pots, earrings and candlesticks, as well as for doors and chandeliers of sacred shrines. Isfahan is Iran’s maximum important painting and teeth middle. Enamel may be rinsed with consuming water, cleaning soap or even everyday detergents.

This, of route, relies upon on the great of the enamel in question. Gold has traditionally been used to create better fine in pomegranate rings, and it takes its crystals to produce enamel colours.

Silver is used for artistic endeavors inclusive of bins, bowls and spoons, even as copper is used for crafts. One of the outstanding degrees of art in Isfahan is running and redecorating colourful and cooked enamel. Teeth is defined as a sort of colored glass coat that may be stabilized through heat on numerous metals, mainly copper.

Handicraft meenakari items on sale

Handicraft meenakari items on sale

The mina kari industry in Iran has a long history. Iran manufactures and delivers high quality handmade mina kari products. Many mina kari products are in demand in Iran. In Iran, master craftsmen work very successfully in the mina kari industry depending on the size and size of the pots. Its shape is also different.persian minakari for sale is available in Iran and some countries.iranian meenakari products  and cheap meenakari items are manufactured in the highest quality in Iran.

Specifications of handmade meenakari items

Hand-crafted mina kari functions  usually, pure metals or metallic alloys with specific percentage composition ought to be used to make the enamel infrastructure. Within the presence of impurities while heated, blisters seem on the substrate floor. The minimum steel thickness within the education of the substrate is zero.Eight mm because it will increase the resistance of the substrate to a diffusion of tensile and bending pressures, thereby preventing the cracking and scaling of the glaze and deformation because of warmth. The surface must additionally be clean and uniform.

The most commonly used metals and alloys in enamel are: 

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Brass and Bronze


High purity copper should be used in the manufacture of enamel, and the use of copper sheets or ingots resulting from the melting of used components is not permitted. Appropriate thickness for the preparation of the infrastructure is eight mm.


The thickness of the infrastructure and grade of gold used in the manufacture of enamel objects is determined by the manufacturer.


The silver used must at least have a grade of 84, a minimum thickness of eight mm, which may vary depending on the manufacturer.


bras consumed as copper should not be obtained from the melting of the applied parts, and copper and zinc of the highest quality should be used with the exact percent composition. The presence of impurities in the rice consumed during heating causes blistering on the surface of the substrate and reduces the value of work.

Bronze is rarely used in Iran and must meet the requirements for rice.

If the infrastructure is made of glass or ceramics, it should be of a good quality for the enamel.


The enamel motifs on the metal are required to create a suitable surface that is created by the glaze. The most commonly used glaze is white glaze.

But depending on the design, colored glazes may also be used. The enamel glaze becomes hard and glassy when heated (up to 700 degrees Celsius). The possible composition of the enamel glaze is a mixture of flint, silica, lead and tin. If the tin is added to the oxide, the glaze becomes opaque.


The colors used in enamel are mostly derived from the combination of metal oxide with certain types of salts. In the past, inorganic and herbal dyes have been used, but today chemical dyes are mostly used. What is important about the selected colors is that the color intensity depends directly on the temperature and the length of the heating time.

Live broadcast agency for enamelwares

Live broadcast agency for enamelwares

Iran is one of the countries that pay special attention to decorative utensils and appliances. There are also workshops and manufactures in Iran that manufacture and supply decorative items and minakari containers. The cities of Isfahan and Tehran are among the cities where the utensils and decorative items are widely produced. Iran is one of the countries that manufactures all kinds of decorations in different shapes and sizes. For more information about containers and decorations, visit us.Get in touch with our experts to buy meenakari gift items.