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Diy turquoise inlay | Enamel-work Products

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diy turquoise inlay on copper Copper inlaid work Price Wholesale of enamel-work pots Enamel-work wholesale and single sale

Diy turquoise inlay are used as a coating for many products. Applying this coating to the dishes, in addition to the special beauty it gives them, also adds to their decorative and decorative use. Diy turquoise inlay is a handicraft and is made by placing small pieces of turquoise stone on the surface of containers, ornaments and decorative objects (from bases in copper, brass, silver, bronze). Between the turquoise pieces is a dark lacquer. The smoother and more discreet the turquoise container is and the shorter the distance between the turquoise pieces, the greater its artistic value.


Diy turquoise inlay | Enamel-work Products

diy turquoise inlay on copper

diy turquoise inlay on copper diy turquoise inlay on copper are one of the most beautiful products for home decor and decoration. The following steps are taken to prepare these products:

  1.   Initially, Masgar Master designed and prepared these dishes with his art and skill.
  2.  The turquoise artist then places the turquoise stone, usually of Neyshabur ore, in a mosaic with precision and delicacy on special glue containers.
  3. In the next step, the stones will be polished to achieve a uniform surface with the container, followed by a polyester to provide electricity and shine the dishes.

Copper inlaid work Price

Copper inlaid work Price Many factors affect the price of copper inlaid.  The Copper inlaid work Price is determined by the following factors:

  •  The fineness and elegance of the arranged stones
  • The quality of the stones used
  • Good electricity and shine
  •  Good polyester woman
  • And other factors

In order to buy these products (for example Buy enamel containers), people can go both directly and in person to make sure that the quality of the purchased product is more affordable and affordable, as well as in person and online to choose their order and feel free to buy it.

Wholesale of enamel-work pots

Wholesale of enamel-work pots Cheap enamel work pots Distribution and Wholesale of enamel-work pots believes in providing good quality Copper Containers at reasonable prices. And the top priority for most wholesalers is customer satisfaction.To this end, buy favorite copper dishes at wholesale and cheap prices. Sometimes these centers also offer contemporary enamel for sale at reasonable prices. Copper containers offered include decorative, decorative and catering containers.

In these malls, there is often a high variety of products, and you can choose your favorite copper dishes from wherever you like. These centers sell enamel containers at a cheap price and quality to attract more people with every level of income and increase the number of purchased containers. By visiting these centers, the potted lanterns are delivered directly to the customer at a more reasonable price.

 Includes a variety of products sold at wholesale: Various Chocolates, Enamel Container , Turquoise Cups, Turquoise Pots, Turquoise Valves, Mirrors and Candles Turquoise, Bakery and Turquoise Kobe fruit, turquoise pitcher.

Enamel-work wholesale and single sale

Enamel-work wholesale and single sale   The bulk and single sale price of high quality enamel work is usually set at a reasonable and even cheaper price than the counterfeit and fake specimens available in the market in large numbers. To buy these dishes you can go to wholesale and resellers to buy the most quality products at a reasonable price. When buying these products you should pay attention to some of the best quality products.

 The types of high quality glaze contain a number of general features that distinguish it from other fake models.One of its most striking features is its noble color and unique design. High quality pug pots contain more hammer blows that are just a short distance from each other.

On the other hand, these high-quality, high-quality containers have a bright, even shiny body that is easy to clean. Copper dishes Containers are the best option for cooking in all ages because they are a kind of health guarantee. The bulk prices of high quality glaze products are typically slightly more expensive than other models in general, as they have the following features:

  • Mass production
  • Extensive diversity
  • Elegance in role
  • Great hammer
  • Purchase first class raw materials
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