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enamel suppliers | 2019’s Price List of Enamel Dishes

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What is enamel dishes made of?Is bone harder than enamel?Antique & valuable enamel dishes for sale at affordable prices
enamel suppliers

Enamel suppliers always make every effort to supply the most popular and most popular types of enameled product to consumers and can make a significant difference. The purpose of producing this quality product is to attract customer satisfaction. Most of the enamel models produced are in high demand, but some models are more expensive than other models. One of the concerns of everyone when purchasing this product is its genuine value for money. Enamel products are marketed globally and marketed in various types. Choosing the best brand for these products depends partly on the amount of buyer’s budget.

enamel suppliers| 2019's Price List of Enamel Dishes

What is enamel dishes made of?

In the manufacture of an enamel product, the infrastructure is usually provided in two ways:

  • Bending method: In this method, the mold for the plate, pot or any other object is inserted between the mold and the clip. When the sheet is rotated by a rod that is completely round, the bends are bent over the mold by pressure And finally, with torch enameling supplies they form.
  • Hammering method: In this method, without molding and using different types of hammers, crankshafts, tongs and anvils are made in the desired shape and after each hammering operation, the piece is set on enamel kiln and hammered again  to completely Take the shape you want.
  • It is the removal of various contaminants from the surface of the infrastructure. The metal surface must be completely clean for better adhesion.
  • The third step is to prepare the glaze. Glaze powder cannot be used alone because of its insolubility and high volumetric weight.
  • Step 4 The glazing is done in two ways: Spray by pistol: In this method the glaze is sprayed by the pistol into a small chamber called a spray chamber on the infrastructure.
  • Manual or Waterlogging: In this method, the glaze is poured onto the piece to cover the entire surface. This method is economically and hygienically preferred in terms of preventing the glaze from being lost and leaving the particles in the air.
  • The fifth step is to bake the glaze. After the glaze is completely dried and any dust is removed, the baking process begins.
  • The sixth step is to prepare the color. The colors used for painting enamel are known as fireproof paints and are mainly composed of metal oxide powder.
  • The seventh step is to transfer the design onto the glaze.


Is bone harder than enamel?

The answer is no. Enamel products are cooked and cooked at high temperatures. These products are of poor permeability and of high quality glass and gloss. In English literature, what was referred to as a bone, regardless of the production process, is a porcelain with a percentage of bone ash added to it. This bone ash is added to make the crop much thinner if needed and more compact.

The miniatures produce a is vitreous enamel, some of which are most common: plates, vases, bowls and anthems, photo frames, enamel boards that combine with other arts such as gilding, embroidery, miniature and jewelry. You can purchase any of these products online or offline.


Antique & valuable enamel dishes for sale at affordable prices

Antique and valuable enamel containers for sale at reasonable prices are in the dealers and traders of these hair products. Because of the enormous popularity of enamel products and the high sales and sales, they have the most prestigious dealerships in high numbers and in various locations.

Individuals can easily go to the official dealer of these products and purchase the products they need and ultimately have the satisfaction of their purchase process and the product purchased. Enamel Agents only focus on the highest quality, supporting this very long tradition that has been repeatedly endorsed with enduring customer satisfaction in the form of sustained business partnerships throughout the operation of these centers.

Since the sales representatives of these containers are always striving to carry out the highest quality activities for the benefit of their customers and buyers, it is worth noting that customer satisfaction after purchasing and using their product is a clear reason. It is absolutely clear to prove the quality of these sales agents.