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enamel ware plates | Exportable qualities and prices for buyers

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Enamelware Dishes and Kettles For Export Best enamels exporting countries in recent years How many types of enamel products are there?Handmade Porcelain Enamel Dinnerware For Sale

Do you want to know about enamel ware plates? Are you interested in getting some information about black enamel plates, enamel coated metal plates, camping plates, and coloured enamel plates? This art can be seen as the height of human instincts of praise for beauty and its creation by humans, a passion that transforms a rude and simple metal into a piece of color, arc and role. Painted as a blend of fire and earth mixed with the art of painting and painted with brilliant colors to create beautiful and eye-catching paintings, this art has been used by humans for aesthetically pleasing metal containers and ornaments for about 5000 years. Painting is the brilliant art of fire and earth with the colors of the baked and truly art of painting.

enamel ware plates | Exportable qualities and prices for buyers

Enamelware Dishes and Kettles For Export

Enamelware Dishes and Kettles For Export Handicrafts have long been a favorite business among Iranians, handmade in the past as a necessity for everyday life, but later with the advent of mass production, it has become an art and more a decorative aspect. Most of these handicrafts are nowadays considered and some have fixed customers at home and abroad. For example, exporting glassware is one of the popular currency trading methods that make it easier for overseas customers to buy. Isfahan handicrafts, including enameled containers and inlaid boxes, were initially only available directly in the shops and manufactures of this product. But today, with the advent of new technologies and techniques of online store marketing, they are also competing for the highest sales per capita alongside direct stores. The pots are sold in these stores by loading the complete product information along with the image and answering the customer’s questions online or by phone, the prices of the pots are comparable and accurate.

Best enamels exporting countries in recent years

Best enamels exporting countries in recent years Exports of handicrafts and products to the Persian Gulf and European countries annually generate considerable value for Iran. Exports of this product are very profitable to the extent that last year it produced more than $ 5 million in foreign currency by exporting the product only to one domestic city and exporting it. The professor has been working in this field for a long time and since this is an indigenous art of Iran, he has a lot of interest and interest. In this way, the masters of this profession, in addition to producing products, also train the next generation of masters, as the process continues and little attention is given by the relevant industry organizations to become one of the most important valuation methods. Pottery enamel is one of the ancient and ancient ways of using enamel in a variety of colors (generally with a blue tint) and then placing it in the oven to make the so-called cooked paint into a pot. Nowadays, copper glazing is more common. Enamel work is done on copper or copper-coated dishes, but enameled pottery still has its own special place and interest.

How many types of enamel products are there?

How many types of enamel products are there?The sale price of enameled dishes is relatively high due to the amount of effort and effort it takes. There are many factors involved in determining the price of enameled containers, obviously, the size of the product has a significant impact on its price, the larger the size of a product, the more expensive the labor and raw materials used to manufacture it. Another important factor is the workmanship of the art teacher who spends more time and more delicate designs on the job, making it more valuable. In addition to the aforementioned factors, the color used in the work is also of great importance, since the result of the work and all its visual effects are the color used and the quality of it is returned the more expensive and high quality the color used is  Also increases.

Handmade Porcelain Enamel Dinnerware For Sale

Handmade Porcelain Enamel Dinnerware For Sale enamel is an art that has a long history and is one of the handicrafts of Iran. This art deals with the decoration of metals (sometimes glass and ceramics and also porcelain) with translucent or opaque colored materials and with the help of fire. The background colors of these designs are blue, green and sometimes red. The best metal for pug gold is 22ct because it does not oxidize when it is melted and a finer design is possible. Nowadays, copper is used for a pug because of its flexibility, hammering and reasonable price.