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Export of minakari plates to neighboring countries

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Which Sellers Are Selling High Quality Meenakari Plates?Imports & Exports Meenakari Items in 2020Which Countries Are Selling Discounted Meenakari Items?

Minakari plates and meenakari painting are among the oldest and most popular Iranian arts and crafts out there. With eye catching drawings and dazzling color, they have brought beauty and harmony to Iranian homes for centuries. Over the past few decades as tourism became more widespread in Iran, Iranian minakari artists found the opportunity to share their craft with the world and many from many countries are now interested in having a piece of minakari in their homes.

Export of minakari plates to neighboring countries

Which Sellers Are Selling High Quality Meenakari Plates?

Which Sellers Are Selling High Quality Meenakari Plates?

Meenakari is primarily a Persian craft and the highest quality meenakari goods are mostly produced in Iran nowadays. If you do a quick search online for “meenakari Iran”, you can find the top meenakari manufacturers and distributors in Iranian cities such as Esfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Yazd who are offering premium meenakari plates at different prices. Here we will introduce you to a few top Meenakari¬† producers in Iran:

1. Hejazi meenakari is one of the oldest and most prominent meenakari producers in the country based in the historical city of Esfahan. In order to check out their amazing collection of meenakari goods, you can either pay a visit to their store located in Naghshe Jahan Square or simply go on their website.

2. Minaye Asil is another Esfahan-based meenakari manufacturer offering all sorts of meenakari products at reasonable prices. 

3. Ghesmi meenakari also offers high end meenakari plates both in their store and online.

Even though this type of craft is merely Persian, craftsmen from various countries such as India, Kashmir, China and Bangladesh have also gotten in on the action and of producing and supplying meenakari products to international markets. However Persian meenakari still possesses the highest quality among all.

Imports & Exports Meenakari Items in 2020

The demand for meenakari items has been rising quickly in the past few years and many markets worldwide including North America and the European Union are considering them as high value commodities with a high market aptitude.

Therefore any importer or exporter who adds meenakari to their trade inventory can expect a high profit margin. Whether one trades authentic Persian meenakari or decides to trade low cost chinese made meenakari, in both cases the market will comply and offer a high return on investment.

Which Countries Are Selling Discounted Meenakari Items?

Which Countries Are Selling Discounted Meenakari Items?As mentioned above many countries are now producing meenakari items with different qualities. If you are planning to sell meenakari in international markets and looking for discounts and competitive prices, the best place to shop would be the motherland of meenakari, Iran.

With thousands of manufacturers nationwide, you can find a wide selection of all meenakari products and negotiate prices with the producers. Also there are notable meenakari wholesalers in Iran who are willing to cut you a neat deal if you are buying in bulk. Just do an intensive research on the manufacturers we mentioned here and also look for other suppliers and find the deal which is right for you and right for your budget.

If the looks of the meenakari is more important to you than its production quality and craftsmanship, look for producers and suppliers in India, Kashmir and china who are offering products at significantly lower prices.

If you have a massive order in a short notice, Chinese manufacturers normally have higher outputs and can deliver your order in time. Their production quality however is questionable and if your end user insist on the products’ craftsmanship, purchasing Chinses meenakri is definitely not recommended. 

Indian and Kashmir meenakari products are closer to the Iranian ones in quality yet they lack the variety of colors and styles you can find in Iranian meenakari. It is highly recommended to purchase Iranian made meenakari from trusted manufacturers and suppliers since they have always delivered what they had promised.

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