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How is Minakari done? |The suppliers of Minakari products

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What do you understand by the term of Meenakari?Minakari for sale at an affordable priceVarious uses of Meenakari in art

minakari is an art with the  history of about 5,000 years and is considered a handicraft. Nowadays this art is mostly done on copper but it can be done on gold and silver as well. Gold is the only metal that does not oxidize when the enamel melts, so it allows for a more detailed and similar design to the enamel, while silver and silver enamels do not have this quality. Below we will explain more about the process of minakari, Minakari work on clothes, Minakari meaning in English and Minakari online.

How is Minakari done? |The suppliers of Minakari products

What do you understand by the term of Meenakari?

What do you understand by the term of Meenakari?To answer this question, let’s explain how to make a pug and its types. First, for the purpose of making an enamel, select the metal as the main material and then make it in any shape and size as desired by the specialist painter and then paint it uniformly with a white enamel master. This stage of white glaze is known as the primer glaze. After this step, the metal is put into the oven to be cooked in a furnace with a maximum temperature of 750 ° C. This means that the glaze operation is usually repeated three to four times. After these steps, the glazed metal is heated and is now ready for any design and design that is desired and these designs and roles The taste of the artist or according to the order given to him are embedded in the body. Calligraphy is called seven colors. Enamel is re-sent to the furnace after painting, with less heat required than about 600 degrees Celsius to make the paints more artistically desirable. Types of enamel or types of enamel are:

  • Carpets enamel
  • Painting enamel
  • The enamel of the tassel
  • Highlight enamel

As an example of paint enamel we can say that in this way, the copper sheet  is shaped in the desired manner, after various steps including twisting (to prevent the fragility of the copper, fry the copper body with heat, once in water apply the slurry (with water and sulfur inks to remove grease and copper) then glaze the copper body three times. After preparing on the glaze, paint it and heat it again. In this section, an object may be heated four to five times to form enamel. Of course, work that has a colored background that needs to be gilded is usually taken five times into the furnace, but those with a white background are placed four times in the furnace. Today, the most common type of enamel is enamel painting.

Minakari for sale at an affordable price

Minakari for sale at an affordable priceThere is a price difference in this regard. Because depending on the product you buy, the raw materials used to make it and the hassle involved in making the product can vary in price. The point to keep in mind is that in order to buy these products you must visit reputable stores in the area as well as leading wholesalers. There are several online retailers and shopping sites in different countries and have been able to find a special place in the glassware market by examining and identifying the needs of their industries and customers. The stores have also achieved unprecedented sales by gaining customer trust and satisfaction as well as by promoting their products scientifically. With the guarantee of purchasing from reputable centers, it is possible to track these sites or stores quickly and easily in case of any errors or problems in the shopping process.

Various uses of Meenakari in art

Various uses of Meenakari in artThe areas of enamel application include decorating the dishes and using the art of enamel and its drawings on clothing. The seriousness of the pathology of clothing and apparel has led to the association of the original art of pomegranate with Iranian clothing in the mind of the author, and his being Iranian, adhering to religious values ​​and the need to pay attention to the developments of the time and the preferences of the younger generation in this field. Take it. Accordingly, considering the creativity and entrepreneurship in the design of clothing, designing enamel metal parts to decorate clothing and presenting appropriate patterns in the field, while examining the history of metal, the art of forging and Iranian clothing was considered.