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How to make turquoise inlay jewelry?

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what is turquoise inlayThe Crushed turquoise material

Turquoise color will calm your heart and soul and have many fans. Turquoise aluminum phosphate is semi-transparent to opaque blue or green in copper.This stone is known as the Millennium Gemstone.Turquoise jewelry is made by skilled people in the field.Get turquoise inlay from reputable centers.

How to make turquoise inlay jewelry?

what is turquoise inlay

One of the precious stones that has long been known in Iran is turquoise stone.One of the properties of turquoise stone is the strengthening of the heart, respiratory system, eyes, blood circulation, throat, stomach and liver. When a person is ill or if something unpleasant is about to happen, the color of turquoise may change, sometimes leaving the care of the person and caring for them.

Other properties of turquoise stone is that it contributes to complications of malfunctioning liver and glands. Strengthens the eyes and works against eye diseases and corrects blood circulation. Cures throat pain, pulmonary inflammation, and respiratory tract diseases. It is useful against depression and strengthens the heart.turquoise inlay material is available in various types.Turquoise is allergic to oils. Because its pores are porous and absorb oils, it changes color over time and turns matte green. Turquoise should be kept away from oils, even creams, perfumes and colognes. Turquoise discoloration can also occur due to sunlight and the evaporation of natural water in turquoise.In terms of chemicals, turquoise is composed of copper and aluminum phosphate.

Blue minerals are very rare and unique, which is why turquoise jewelry is very valuable and has a high price.

 Blue turquoise jewelry may discolor under certain conditions such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat, cosmetics and sweating.

Some turquoise rocks have distinct veins that have been influenced by the formation conditions of these rocks.

Well-formed turquoises with smaller pores are usually more durable and shine.Buy turquoise inlay bracelet and such turquoise inlay band ring from reputable centers.

When washing your hands with detergent, be sure to remove the turquoise ring. If the ring becomes greasy, wash it off immediately with warm water and machine powder. Scratches on turquoise, hot water and household chemicals pose a serious risk to turquoise because of the hydrate composition in the rock.

The Crushed turquoise material

Turquoise stone, because of its color and properties, was once considered a symbol of God’s heaven on earth. This gem, if not the oldest gem in history, is definitely one of the oldest gems in the world with a long history.

Turquoise properties are very attractive colors that can be very expensive or cheap depending on the type. The attractive and blue color of this beautiful stone is due to the copper element. If the mines are mined in an area where there are high levels of copper in the mines, they will be more blue and sky blue. Often the color change from blue to green due to loss of water inside the Negin over time. This is mainly due to the difference in the color of the stone due to the ratio of iron to copper.

If some of the aluminum is replaced by iron in the mine, it is greenish, and if the zinc content is higher, a combination of yellow and sobes is observed, which is often a rare phenomenon. It is interesting to note that if the lime in the growing area of ​​this Negin increases, its color tends to be white and becomes pale, which is usually the main cause of the aluminum oxide (Al2O3) white, but at the same time does not diminish the originality of turquoise stone. Its market price is simply deducted.

Today, the mass is uneven, and some of it is found in Iran. It is the best type of this stone in the whole world that has excellent turquoise properties and in order to buy turquoise with this feature you need to be numerical and granular. he did. Its price also varies in size, weight and color from a few tens of thousands of tomans to millions of tomans. The best color of this beautiful gem is heavenly blue, which is very popular and can be seen in a strange way.

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