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Inlay copper vase domestic markets

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How inlay copper vase is made?Domestic demand for inlay copper vase

Due to the need of many sales markets throughout the cities of Iran and the very high demand for a variety of copper products, the major player has a very good market.People who are owners of wholesale copper utensils and are looking to supply inlay copper vase in bulk and in large numbers, the collection can supply this product by ordering the manufacture of copper utensils. Join us for more information.

Inlay copper vase domestic markets

How inlay copper vase is made?

How inlay copper vase is made? As you know, due to the many benefits of copper utensils and their use among the people has greatly increased. In recent years, the use of these containers has decreased and people have started using containers such as Teflon, and this has caused many health problems.

Copper is a very important mineral that is very good for the health of the body. However, due to the fact that this mineral can not be produced spontaneously in the body and the use of copper utensils is the best option.

Copper utensils are currently made using hot and cold copper sheet and hammering method. The most important steps are: forming the copper sheet by hammering method, serrating the edges that are joined together, opening Grinding the teeth together, fastening and hammering them, adding load (trunk and brass) and heating and re-hammering it.

First, the copper sheet was cut into different sizes to make the dishes, then it was shaped on the anvil with different tools, and the places where they were connected were cut into Nero material, and then it was welded with heat by the working body. Then heat the prepared dishes with acid wash it in a circular motion. When spinning a little, add the cotton-impregnated solder powder on the copper in a scattered way so that the copper color turns black.

When the copper turns black (the solder powder lubricates the solder) tin We then rub the tin on the copper body with a cotton swab. After the tin is finished, cool it in water, then wash it with clean mud to clean copper dishes that contain solder powder and are also toxic.

Domestic demand for inlay copper vase

Domestic demand for inlay copper vase A vase made of copper alone is so beautiful that it can give a new color and feeling to the interior of the house, and if you have artistic taste, you can put colorful flowers that fit the designs of the body inside it. Show its beauty more than before. Another application that comes to mind from the wholesale sales of Copper vase with silver inlay is its use in the workplace, especially if the field of activity is suitable for handicrafts.

Also as an organizational and managerial gift can be one of the best options and the most unforgettable gift. This store tries to offer reasonable prices for customers to buy promotional gifts by selling large inlaid copper vases and pitchers in bulk.

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