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The Art of Fine Enameling on Various Dishes

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What is the art of enameling on dishes?Vintage decorative enameled dishes at cheap price Wholesale market of enamelwares around the world World's best enamelware producers in recent years Buyers and importers of enamelwares in the world Newest price range for enamelwares on global market Best place to buy enamelwares at cheap price

Colors and enamels have been used in recent centuries to decorate ceramics. The use of colors and glazes in tiles is also very popular. The ceramics and enamels used in modern architecture are often reddish brown. Of course, the use of enameled bricks is very common in architecture. Ceramics have a wide range of enamel colors and their color deviations are due to the minerals and minerals present in them. Here we want to talk more about the the art of fine enameling.

The Art of Fine Enameling on Various Dishes

What is the art of enameling on dishes?

What is the art of enameling on dishes?

Color and enamel are actually a light and transparent ceramic coating that gives ceramic a unique beauty and light. The use of color and enamel in ceramics not only increases charm and beauty, but also the strength and durability of ceramics. It is available in different colors, including glossy or matt, transparent or opaque, smooth or even textured. The type of color and enamel depends on the type of formula and its ingredients. For this reason, you can create different colors and enamels by adding different amounts of enamel. Enamel is usually not a viscous substance, but its contact with ceramics is mixed with clay and dissolves well in ceramics at a certain temperature. Of course, everyone can cause impurities or pollution, such as dust or oils, paints and enamels. Enamel rises from ceramic or glides over ceramic.

Draw or tangle in paint and enamel used in ceramics due to excessive gas emissions in liquid, paint and enamel. When glazing ceramics, you should therefore remove the dust from the surface and clean it thoroughly with a sponge. And wear suitable gloves. Because the contact of the body oils with the ceramic surface removes the tooth enamel from the ceramic surface. Color and enamel actually form an insoluble layer and a transparent coating on the ceramic. The use of enamel gives ceramic a strong color and beauty. Color and enamel are used to make polished and beautiful ceramics. They are also used as a waterproof material.

Most of the mineral compounds used in the glaze composition include:

• iron oxide

• Cobalt oxide

• Chromium oxide

• Copper oxide

• Carbonates are copper.

Another thing that affects the color of the glaze is oxygen,

That if there is too much oxygen in the furnace, it will cause a change in the color of the glaze. For example, the use of copper carbonate in an oxidation environment gives rise to a cyan color. However, if the oxygen in the atmosphere is low, the resulting glaze will turn red. The most important types of glazes can be mentioned:

• Glazed and transparent lead glaze at 800 degrees

It needs centigrade and is used in pottery.

• Tin glaze, which is the same matte white glaze as for

It was first used in ancient Iran and also in Islamic pottery.

• Ash glaze is used in East Asia and from wood or plants

Sparrow tongue, which contains potash and lime, is produced.

• Feldspar glaze is another type of glaze that is used

Used for decorating dishes and used in various parts of Asia.

In order to glaze earthenware, they must be heated to a certain temperature and temperature, And so it created a very beautiful color and glaze on the pottery. If the temperature is too high, the glazing will not work properly and the glaze will melt too much. For this reason, it must be within the proper temperature range to perform the glazing steps correctly.

Vintage decorative enameled dishes at cheap price

Pottery is one of the oldest artisans and crafts in Iran, beginning in the eighth millennium BC. The most important breakthrough in the pottery industry is the creation of paintings on the pottery and creating a role for them. The art of pottery painting, created by pottery, is one of the most enjoyable artistic activities to date. Initially, the painters used geometric shapes and patterns to create the role on the pottery; gradually nature-inspired motifs such as flowers, plants and animals appeared in their works. The art of painting on pottery created unique works of art that have survived throughout history.

 The techniques used in decorating and painting on pottery are varied, including sub-glazed, glazed, turquoise glazed, seven-color glazed and enamel glazed.

 The following enamel technique:

This method is one of the unique ways in which pottery is decorated, which can be used to paint very attractive designs in pottery. In fact, the underlay is a method of decorating (ceramic) ceramic artifacts, which is applied to ceramic or ceramic parts prior to glazing. The enamel technique became more popular in the 12th century. At that time, the colors used for painting under the enamel were painted directly or by other methods on the body of the pottery, then using a transparent glaze layer to cover the surface of the pottery for painting.In the underlay painting, the pigments used for staining the oxides are blended with the bottom glaze after the container is heated in the furnace. This way the underlay decorations will be completely durable as they cover a layer of glaze. Of course, since the temperature used for this method is higher than for the glaze baking process, the range of colors available is limited.

Enamel painting has been one of the most commonly used techniques in pottery, originally used to decorate pottery. This method first became popular in Iran with blue and black colors, which were used to paint the dishes using this technique. These paintings and designs on pottery were called shadow paintings. Paintings on the pottery can be used to create beautifully detailed and artistic designs under the enameled painting. Under the enamel paintings, cobalt oxide is blue and black is a mineral of iron, manganese and chromium. Remaining pottery from the past also suggests that pottery uses these colors for painting under the enamel.


Alkyd glaze was used to glaze the underlying paintings, as this type of glaze stabilizes the color of the pottery. This type of decoration on the surface of the pottery, in addition to beauty is also very strong and strong. Using this technique, you can create transparent, eye-catching coatings on earthenware. The prevalence of using the enameled painting technique has led to changes in the style and arrangement of multiple colors to decorate earthenware. Initial designs on pottery in the enameled painting technique included simple and abstract shapes; these shapes gradually became more varied and much progress was made. Using enameled painting in earthenware, creative and beautiful designs can be created to decorate earthenware, providing unique earthenware with unique designs and eye-catching paintings. Now that you know more about the art of glazing, you can choose the most beautiful glazed dishes at our site for the cheapest prices and be fully satisfied with your purchase.

Wholesale market of enamelwares around the world

Wholesale market of enamelwares around the world

Art paintings are created from fire, earth and paint dating back to about 1500 BC and are used to adorn various ornaments and dishes. According to studies, this art first formed in Iran and then reached various parts of the world. cheap enamelwares is transparent and comes from a combination of metal oxides and some salts. Enamel should be exposed to high temperatures (0 to 2 ° C) to produce colors based on time and temperature. In short, for the porridge, the surface must be of a certain shape and size, and then the white glaze is placed on it. Glazing is done three to four times and each time the object is heated to about 700 degrees in the furnace to stabilize its glaze color. After this, it is the turn of the painting, and then the object goes back into the furnace and is exposed to a temperature of about 400 to 500 degrees until the colors are fixed. Enamel makers create different works, the most common of which are: Plates, pots, bowls and sticks, photo frames, enamel boards, etc., where we see the combination of enamel with other arts such as gilding, embroidery, miniature, jewelry. Our handicrafts complex has been producing bulk pots and promoting these types of handicrafts throughout Iran and countries around the world. We hope that with your support we will make Persian lovers of paint a high-tech industry for our country artists around the world.

World’s best enamelware producers in recent years

Isolated pots in our collection are of different types and with regard to the art and the enthusiasm of the artists and their producers, many items are produced;

enameled dishes:

• Plate

• flower pot

• Enamel photo frame

• Bowls and Chocolates

• Cup and Tight

• Decorative photo frame

• the watch

• Mirrors and enamel candlesticks

• decorative enameled dishes

Since Iranian handicrafts are distinctive in the world, their export can play an important role in their resurgence. One of the most important results of exporting these kinds of handicrafts is the increasing awareness of the world of Iranian handicrafts and Iranian culture. Through these arts, we can bring Iranians more than a few hundred years of civilization, peace, friendship, and art to the world to better understand the interplay of power in the modern world and the struggle for power. Purchasing plywood or any other craft requires information and reviews before you buy. First of all you need to know the enamel and get acquainted with the quality characteristics of the enamel and then buy the enamel so we have to provide complete information about our products to global markets and buyers so that they can discover them with the elegance and quality of our products To buy enamelwares cheap.

Buyers and importers of enamelwares in the world

Buyers and importers of enamelwares in the world

There are pots all over the world including China, India, Europe and Russia. However, every country has come up with a new way of doing it, and each has come up with a new style(suppliers of enamelwares). Painting is an Iranian fine art. These works are a mixture of art, chemistry and industry. A pug work looks like a painting, but its value is much higher. The colors used in these works are not simple, oil-based paints, and are actually metallic oxide powders mixed with glass materials. So, as you can see, the process of “coloring” these works is a little different.

Newest price range for enamelwares on global market

best enamelwares is one of the best Iranian handicrafts made on different dishes and gives them a special shape and beauty that enjoys a high sales in the country and around the world and has the most reasonable prices. is. The price list of pug products on the market is varied in their wholesale and single supply, which are in any case offered at a reasonable price and traded. The price list of pug products in different types is determined by the type of products and their quality and of course their size. Pottery enamel has a different price list with enamel on other products, each with a specific price.

The price of the pug in the price list of this product is very reasonable according to the day rate of the products and has the best and most appropriate market prices. The variety of potted products has also varied their price list, and each item is included in this price list according to its features. To get the latest and most up-to-date price list for plywood products, you can go to the websites you can easily find your desired price and quality information and then make your desired product.

Best place to buy enamelwares at cheap price

Best place to buy enamelwares at cheap price

The quality of the enamel dishes depends on the copper body and the elegance and precision of the performance and branded enamelwares. For low-cost samples, thin sheets of copper are used and for special cases of thick copper sheets. In low-cost copper containers to get the job done faster, the roles are not meticulously executed and carelessly worked out, but the specific tasks are so precise in the execution of the roles and pictures that the container design appears to have been printed. And this is where the enamel art shows itself. The pots are durable and scratch-resistant in color, and they are beautifully shiny, shiny and washable, the only thing to keep in mind when potting pots is to keep them from getting hit. Keeping this in mind, pots can be used for many years.

The price of pots is different depending on the quality of the work. Several factors can determine the price of these dishes. The first point in determining the type of infrastructure used in the production of these containers.

All pots are made of copper. But the higher the quality of the infrastructure, the better the performance and the higher the price. High quality copper sheeting with good thickness, elaborate toughness and skillful containers are some of the highlights at this stage. The second factor in determining the price of glazed containers is the use of suitable colors for glazing and painting these containers. The higher the quality of the colors used, the better the gloss and transparency of the work and, consequently, the higher the quality of the paint, which will affect the final price of the work. The third factor that is crucial to the price of pots is the skill level of the painter. The greater the skill of the painter and the more precise, subtle and varied the paintings are, the higher the price of the work. Other determinants of price in pug production containers Set containers that are painted and painted in a higher price than non-set containers.

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