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The best design of turquoise enamelware

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The best enamelware wholesale in Asia10 Tips before buying the turquoise enamelware Hand Painted Turquoise Enamelware

 this content is about the best design of turquoise enamelware. A granite ware dish pan with handles 15 quart is one of the best-selling products. Generally such products do not experience stagnation and always have good production and sales. vintage enamel dish pan is also one of the most profitable products. 

The best design of turquoise enamelware

The best enamelware wholesale in Asia

The best enamelware wholesale in Asia The bulk purchase of enamelware which is available in Isfahan handicrafts shop with high quality and quality as well as guaranteeing the authenticity of the goods are offered at very reasonable prices.  

By visiting the handicraft enamelware wholesale stores in Iran you can easily  minimize the cost of shipping and removing intermediaries (a major reason for price increases and even scams), in bulk for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Do. In addition to guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the product, this collection is able to deliver the order to our dear customers as soon as possible. We hope that by reading what is said above, we will take a big step in informing your loved ones about the purchase of pots and that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.  

10 Tips before buying the turquoise enamelware

10 Tips before buying the turquoise enamelware1. Weight: One of the most important factors when purchasing pots is to pay attention to the weight of the dishes that the lamb is neglecting. High quality pots are not very light because they can easily deform due to pressure and forces. More precisely, more pug is made on copper containers and copper metal is considered to be a heavy metal alone, so if it is light in weight, copper is of poor quality or has some impurities with copper, it is not completely copper. .

2. Surface Elegance: If you notice that the surface of the pots is rough, or the corners are cracking, there is no doubt that the material is inappropriate, and the enamel is properly glued and fastened. Not yet. Also, if you notice the roughness when buying pots, that means the container is either at high temperature in the oven for a long time or the paint used is not good quality.

3. Motifs and designs: As you can see, the more the designs and designs used in the pots, the more sophisticated it is, and the higher the quality of the pots will naturally be more expensive. . For example, the motifs you should consider when purchasing high quality plywood are Islamic, Khatya, Flower and Chicken designs and even combinations.

4. Color: Most people expect to see azure and turquoise containers when purchasing enamel, while using high quality enamel or refractory paints that cover a range of colors. These include green, yellow, purple, purple, gold, and black.

But the point to note is that the white paint is not present in the enamel, and if the master needs it, it scratches the area to get the enamel white, in other words, the signs of inferior containers when purchasing the enamel. White is in its structure. Determining the quality of the product is one of the most important factors when buying a pug.

5. Product ID: Each item must have an ID or identity when purchasing, which is not an exception to this rule. So if you want to be sure of the quality of the glazed product, read its description to give you information on the manufacturer, warranty, and appearance.

6. This product must also have a digit. When it comes to buying a pug, talking about the figure of a commodity means the name of the manufacturer with the exact date of manufacture and the location of the container you have on hand.

7. construction processes

8. Construction site

9. Product quality

10. Size

Hand Painted Turquoise Enamelware

 Hand Painted Turquoise EnamelwareThere are many different colors in the art of miniaturization that are best suited to beautify as well as different temperatures, for example red . Of course, the percentages should be tested, either blue (azure) or light blue and the like, to name a few. In most case of turquoise enamelware is hand painted and has different price and quality.