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The most popular Persian enamel on the global market

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How long should enamel be etched?When was enamel invented?How to buy the enamel product in Saree?

enamel is a brilliant art of fire enamel art with a 5,000 year history of exquisite Iranian handicrafts.The most popular Persian enamel on the global market has many fans.

The most popular Persian enamel on the global market

How long should enamel be etched?

Art paintings are created from fire, earth and paint dating back to about 1500 BC and are used to adorn various ornaments and dishes.persian crafts is world famous.

Painting and decorating metals such as gold, silver and copper by special glaze paints that are cooked and fixed at high temperatures. The enamel is transparent and comes from a combination of metal oxides and some salts. Enamel should be exposed to high heat so that the colors are formed based on time and temperature. Today, most paints are made on copper, but gold and silver are also good options for implementing this art. Gold is the only metal that does not oxidize when the enamel melts, which makes it possible to carry out a detailed design. However, copper and silver enamels do not do such a thing.

When was enamel invented?

The art of enamel in Iran has been manifested more than elsewhere, and one of the earliest examples of Safavid art by the French tourist Chardin mentioned that the enamel piece was from Isfahan, including a blueprint of birds and animals on blue and bushes.

Pale green, yellow and red. It is difficult to say when the enamel art became popular in Iran since the pre-Safavid era (10th century AH) there are no examples of enamel and considerable examples from the Safavid era. O is not left. However, during the Qajar period, enamel was scarce, and objects such as the Surkhyan and the waterpipe and the waterpipe and the pug were potted. There were enameled hookahs in the court of the Qajar kings, especially Nasser al-Din Shah, who was hooked to his hobbies. There were also such enamelled objects in the houses of the nobles and the elders of that era.

The king soon became a chemist and, unlike his predecessors who spent a great deal of money on elixir, preferred to devote his knowledge and efforts to enamel art.The art of this craft dates back about 4,000 years. The people of ancient times used enamel to express religious beliefs, and in combination with other handicrafts such as painting, filigree stone or precious metals, and gold or silver fibers, embroidery, and embroidery.

The quality of the enamel work during this period was very poor. Minakari for sale is done by reputable centers of these products.Artists became prominent in this religious art during the eighth to twelfth century. This new form of Enamel art moved to the West in the tenth century and became widely regarded as ecclesiastical art. The sophistication and sophistication of this period increased dramatically. First the design, the design, then the design was made with gold strips and transferred to the gold background and then carefully and uniformly transferred through the holes using thin capillary tubes and enamel paint.

How to buy the enamel product in Saree?

Enamel is a color coating of semi-transparent or matte translucent glass enamel that aims to decorate the surface by creating special surface features on ceramic metal, glass, etc. and is cooked in the furnace. Enamel in Saree depending on the type of enamel used in jewelry, porcelain, copper, etc., in terms of curing temperature to soft (low melting and baking) types of medium (high melting and baking) and hard (high melting) and in terms of important materials such as lead Lead and non-lead enamel and lead enamel are divided into high, low, medium lead, and in terms of properties and performance into acid-resistant or weather-resistant enamel, etc.To purchase these products in Saree it is best to refer to the reputable centers and dealers of these products.Meenakari Saree is available in different types.